Permanent office and press room
Los Alcázares
Avenida de la Libertad, 50, 30170. Los Alcázares, Murcia. España.
678 615 863
10:00h. a 14:00h. y 15:45h. a 20:30h.

Delivery of documentation and credentials

15:45h. a 16:45h.

Delivery of bicycle numbers and plates

16:00h. a 19:30h.

Recognition of follower vehicles by the Civil Guard and Radio Vuelta receivers. No vehicle will be accredited without passing a Civil Guard review. All vehicles in the race must have a turn radio.


Meeting of the President of the International Jury with the Team Managers


Meeting of the Technical Jury


Drivers Meeting

Concentration and output control
Los Alcázares
Avenida Príncipe Felipe , 30170.Los Alcázares, Murcia. España.
678 615 86312:

Neutralized race start


Real race start, Km. 0


Finish Line. Alcantarilla