Maillots Sostenibles Gobik


We are committed to sustainable development, always using the most suitable materials for each objective and meticulously treated by the expert hands that make all our equipment.

  • We contribute to reduce 33% of m3 of water eq (water scarcity).
  • We reduce 40% of Kg of Co2 eq (Climate Change).
  • We reduce 7% of phosphates eq (Eutrophication).

We contribute to reduce 51% of MJ (abiotic depletion).

The product is subjected to several tests, having to pass a long list of Oeko Tex results. Not only the materials used are analyzed, but also the applicant company, the quality control and the production processes. In order to achieve and guarantee a higher product quality in terms of health and sustainability. 

Harmful substances are eliminated from the beginning of the manufacturing process, establishing standards and controls for environmentally friendly production. It is the solution for sustainable textile production: Bluesign® system. 

It reduces the environmental impact in relation to the entire textile supply chain. With its holistic approach to in-stream management it provides an efficient solution for suppliers of chemicals, textiles and accessories to the manufacturer as well as fashion brands. Affirming the principles and monitoring the implementation of the Bluesign® system, Bluesign® technologies encourages the textile industry to increase its efforts in sustainable processes. 

The 5 bluesign® principles: 

  1. Resources Productivity
  2. Consumer Safety
  3. Water Emissions
  4. Air Emissions
  5. Occupational Health and Safety