The Región de Murcia is located in the southeast of Spain, on the Mediterranean Arc, on the heart of the Levante. Between two seas, the
Mediterranean Sea and Mar Menor, it is a place that knows how to mix its historical legacy with innovation and artistic avant-garde.
Its more important cities are Murcia (with a population of 440.000), Cartagena (214.000), and Lorca (90.000).
The Región de Murcia has a population of a million and a half people, and an 11.300 km2 extension. It is not a large territory, but offers more than 252 kilometres of beaches and a variety of beautiful environments. A place full of mountains, beaches, cities, and history. It is so diverse and accessible, that can be crossed in a few hours.
Región de Murcia’s other attractions include its weather, with a high average temperature of over 19oC and 319 sunny days a year. These
features offer a bast variety of activities during visitors’ time at the zone. It is a special tourist destination, with a good road structure which makes everything near and perfectly connected.
Although agriculture has traditionally been the economic engine of the Región, the Regional Government has made a move to make tourism a
pillar of the economy of the Comunidad Autónoma.
To do so, the Consejería de Turismo has launched the ‘Destino Región de Murcia’ brand, with a plurality and progress vinculation.
With it, the Región de Murcia has achieved its goal of being a tourist and cultural referent, strengthening the position of the zone as an important national and international market. All the information about the tourist offer can be seen on, an avowed portal because of its quality.
There, you can consult tourist resources on a map, the coordinates of the places to visit, the regional agenda, maps, panoramic views, and offers.
You can access it all in 4 different languages: Spanish, English, French, and German.